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The Cocktails...

Here at Silk & Grain we like to do things a little differently, and take a bit of extra time and care when it comes to our tasty beverages.

We've taken a selection of our favourite classic cocktails, and had a little look at what happens if we give them some time in different ‘things’ such as oak barrels, metal or glass flasks and infused with leather etc.

Cocktails, which have tasted the same for years such as a Negroni or a Hanky Panky have developed a new lease of life through the process by being combined with natural flavours of oak, vanilla, caramel and spice from charred oak aged barrels & leather infusions. The results include a rounded, smoother mouth feel with a long finish. Even metal ageing and bottle conditioning has created a cleaner, more mineral take on classic cocktails.

After a good deal of mucking about with the science bit, we had some undeniably delicious drinks that we reckon can give these age-old cocktails a run for their money. Not only that, but we figured out ways of using these aged blends in ways never thought possible. Call us bonkers, but these matured cocktails can be found in all our very own cocktail creations, a cocktail in a cocktail!

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